North Yorkshire Wheelchair Service

Statement from NRS Healthcare Clinical Service

During these uncertain times and following the recent Government requirement and NHSE directives, the decision has been taken by NRS Wheelchair Services to suspend all clinic appointments in Hull and East Riding in order to protect service users, their carers, family and our staff.

If you have a clinic appointment already booked, you will be contacted by the clinical team to discuss and offer possible solutions without a face to face appointments.

URGENT PRIORITY New and re- referrals will be carefully considered by the clinical team to ascertain whether it is medically safe, and clinically appropriate to visit you in your own home.

LOW TO MEDIUM PRIORITY We will continue to accept these referrals. We will contact you to advise you that we will not be able to offer an appointment at this time. We will ask that you call back when the current social distancing requirements have been lifted.

We shall also continue to support hospital discharge, so if you require a wheelchair to support you leaving hospital your hospital Clinician will refer you to the service.

Wheelchair services staff are working hard to provide support to all our users in this difficult time and implementing alternative ways of working to help ensure safe access to the service.


NRS realise that power wheelchair usage might change significantly at this time, but it is still important to remember to charge your batteries so that your wheelchair is ready to use when needed. Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Power wheelchair should be charged every day even after a small amount of use.
  • Charge wheelchair on a regular basis even if you are not using it.
  • Always make sure that when you turn the wheelchair on the battery indicator shows full green lights.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your wheelchair for additional information. (This was supplied to you when your powered wheelchair was handed over)

If you have any questions please free to call us on: 01904654052

Your wheelchair services

NRS are responsible for the delivery, collection, maintenance and repair of all wheelchair equipment in your community.


Urgent referrals offered appointment for assessment within 5 working days of receipt of referral


Urgent same day deliveries


Urgent referral offered appointment for assessment within 5 working days of receipt of referral


of service users received their wheelchair within the 18 week government target

Useful information

Wheelchair taxi services in your area


Station Taxis - 0904 623332

CJS Travel – 01904 766366

Fleetways – 01904 654633

Premier Travel – 01904 690199

North Allerton

Hello Cooper – 01609 772295

A2B taxis – 01609 775252


Blue Line Taxis – 01423 530830

Main Line Taxis – 01423 555555

Central Radio Cars – 01423 505050


Station taxis – 01723 366773

Nippy Taxis – 01723 377377

Relevant groups and helplines for wheelchair users and their carers

York Carers Centre

01904 745490

A network member of the national Carers Trust, we work in partnership with carers, statutory and voluntary organisations to ensure carers, throughout York, have access to conformational information, advice and support. We work with carers to influence positive change in service delivery with local government, employers’ and health providers.

York Wheels

01904 630080 (Community transport)

01904 551441 (Dial-a-ride)

Please see details on the website for further information about how to book your transport.

Older citizens advocacy York

01904 676200

Ensuring the older people of York have their voices heard

Older Citizens Advocacy York
The Priory Street Centre,
15 Priory Street,
York, YO1 6ET

Opening times:
Mon to Thurs – 10 till 3pm
Friday – 10am till 2pm

Silver Line

0800 470 80 90


I think I need a wheelchair, how do I get one?

You can be referred to NRS Healthcare by your GP, therapist, district nurse or Macmillan nurse. Please discuss your needs and any difficulties you are experiencing without a wheelchair at your next appointment.

If your health and social care professional believes you are eligible for a wheelchair and you will benefit from one, they will refer you to our service.

You won’t need to do anything – they’ll send all of the details to us.

What happens after I’ve been referred?

We will telephone you to discuss your needs. If your needs are not complex and it’s believed a standard wheelchair will suit them; we’ll be able to send one straight out to you.

If we think your needs are more complex we’ll invite you to attend a clinic appointment with one of our therapists.

If I need an assessment where will it take place?

We’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time and ask you to come to one of the following locations:

  1. Blue Beck House, Bluebeck Drive, Shipton Road, York, YO30 5SF
  2. Springhill House, Springhill Close, Scarborough, YO12 4AD
  3. OT Department, Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, DL6 1JG
  4. Jennyfields Health Centre, Grantley Drive, Harrogate, HG3 2XT

If you can’t make the journey to one of our clinics, we can arrange to visit your home. The wait for a home visit might be longer than an appointment in a clinic. This will be discussed when we contact you to arrange your assessment.

If there is anything you need to bring with you to the assessment we’ll let you know in advance.

What happens during my assessment?

Our qualified clinicians will talk to you about your daily life, your desired outcomes and what you hope to achieve. They can also talk to your carers and/or family if you would like them to and if it’s relevant to your situation.

We’ll consider your lifestyle and how you wish to live and we’ll make a recommendation.

If you are eligible for a wheelchair and the clinician believes this is the best solution for you, we’ll let you know what chair would be best for you and when to expect delivery. If you need a standard wheelchair with no modifications, it is often possible for you to take your wheelchair home with you to start using it immediately.

If you aren’t eligible for a funded wheelchair then we’ll talk about your other options. During your assessment please feel free to ask any questions you might have, we want to address any concerns, no matter how small.

When will my wheelchair be ready?

It may be we can supply a wheelchair immediately. However more specialist chairs may take a little longer. We’ll keep in touch with you and arrange a convenient time to deliver, or for you to collect your wheelchair.

How do I know if my home is suitable for a wheelchair?

Most standard doorways will be wide enough to accommodate a standard wheelchair. If you have any concerns please discuss this is your assessment and with your health and social care professional.

Will you review my needs often?

We’ll agree a review date when you receive your wheelchair. This will depend on your level of need. Our customer services team will contact you around the review time to arrange a convenient time for you. We may conduct reviews as an online survey, a telephone survey or as a physical appointment.

If you feel your needs have changed and you need a review before the agreed date, you can self-refer and contact us directly.

To self-refer please contact us on phone 01904 654052

What happens if my wheelchair needs repairing?

If your wheelchair needs repairing, contact the repair service on phone 01904 654052 who will arrange for an engineer to attend.

If our engineer is not able to repair your chair at your home, they may have to take it to our service centre in York. Where possible we will issue you a temporary chair while the repair is taking place. If you are able to get to the service centre yourself – we may be able to repair your chair whilst we wait, your engineer will discuss this with you.

What happens if my wheelchair needs repairing when you’re closed?

If you experience a problem with your wheelchair out of our standard office hours (8am-6pm) we can still help you. Please call Phone 01904 654052 and you will be transferred to our out of hours engineer who will be able to help.

How do I arrange for my wheelchair to be serviced?

If you feel your wheelchair needs servicing please contact our repair services on Phone 01904 654052.

Can I make modifications to the wheelchair myself?

No, you shouldn’t modify the chair yourself. If you want to modify your equipment, please speak to the clinical team on xxxxx xxxxxx so that they can understand why you feel you need to modify your chair as they will be able to find the best solution for you. Modifications can be added to the chair but only by one of our approved technicians.

Do I need an appointment to visit my local service centre?

Clinics run in each centre on a day-to-day basis. Please book an appointment if you need to be re-assessed or work needs carrying out to your chair, this makes sure we have the staff and equipment to help you.

Please call on 01904 654052 or email on to arrange an appointment.

How do I arrange for transport to an appointment?

Please call the patient transport service for your local area: If your GP is in North Yorkshire or East Yorkshire please call the Yorkshire Ambulance Service on phone 0300 330 2000 to make arrangements for a pick-up or to cancel a booked transport – opening hours are 8am–6pm.

What if I feel I no longer need my wheelchair?

Please discuss your thoughts with your health and social care professional and they will be able to advise according. If they agree you no longer need your wheelchair please contact us on phone 01904 654052 to arrange collection.

All equipment is on loan to you and remains the property of the wheelchair service, so you must arrange for collection rather than selling the equipment, passing it onto someone else or disposing of it.


If you would like to comment, compliment or complain about our service please use one of these methods to get in touch:


or complete the form to arrange a callback