Clinical Services

We provide a range of Clinical Services, both as part of our Community Equipment, Wheelchair and Telecare Services and separately to Local Authorities and NHS Trusts.

Our teams of qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists and other clinical specialists provide assessments to support customers in special projects, or clearing assessment backlogs.

Projects include:

  • Reassessing care plans to ensure that changing needs continue to be met
  • Providing Telecare Assessments, ensuring appropriate telecare is provided based on the Service User's clinical needs, their home situation, and the needs of their family
  • Reviewing ‘double handed’ care packages to see if they remain appropriate and explore whether equipment and/or technology can provide a better and more cost effective solution
  • Supporting local Clinicians with specialist seating advice and carrying out joint visits to Service Users for assessments and adjustments
  • Providing new product training and clinical advice to local Prescribers.