New Retail Website Launch! has changed in to - tablet version

Check out the new NRS Healthcare retail website - launching this week to make NRS Healthcare the number one choice for daily living aids online.

Farhan Hussain, Head of Digital, explained the highlights of the new site: "Based on customer feedback and research, we have completely redesigned the look and functionality of the site to make it more modern, easier to navigate, easier to place orders and responsive so it works just as well on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The site will continue to develop whilst we test it with different users, add new products and create more advice content to make choosing the right product easier. We want NRS Healthcare to be the ultimate go-to brand for all equipment needs, ensuring our customers get the best advice, products and prices to create a positive experience from the moment they land on the site to placing their order and beyond."

Self funding members of the public looking to buy their own products have multiple options for purchasing from NRS Healthcare, via our fantastic new website or by mail order catalogue - both backed by our Occupational Therapist product advice helpline and online chat option.

Visit the new site

New Contracts - Powys, Dorset, West Sussex


NRS Healthcare has recently won the Powys Community Equipment Service contract, commencing on the 2nd September 2015 for a period of 3 years with the option to extend for a further 2 years.


NRS Healthcare has been awarded a 5 year contract which commenced 1st April 2015, to provide the Pan Dorset community equipment service, after a successful 5 years servicing Bournemouth and Poole.

The service, entitled 'Equip for Living', employs around 60 team members and is operating from our existing Bournemouth service centre with the addition of a second in Piddlehinton, to the West of the county.

Extensive improvements have been made to the Bournemouth site.


We were successful in rebidding for the West Sussex ICES contract which went live in April for a period of 5 years plus possible 2 year extension. The Commissioners are keen to give their service users more control within the equipment service and as such, we have launched a timed delivery/collection service. This gives service users, family members and carers the ability to request the activity to be undertaken in one of three timeslots, between 08:00 - 12:00, 12:00 - 16:00 & 16:00 - 20:00, when it is convenient for them.

We will also be trialling a 'service user led' model through the Summer. This means that after an assessment, instead of the prescriber telling us which service level they want (next day, five day, etc), the prescriber will place the order on iRIS and it will be up to the service user, family member or carer to call us to arrange a suitable day and time for them. If there is no contact within seven days, we will then contact them and arrange as normal. This is again aimed at giving the service user more control of when the equipment is delivered or collected.

We are also looking to have a "mini hub" on a retail park in Crawley, which will be in effect a small depot covering the North and North East of the county as well as being the base for the Safe+Well™ service and retail sales.

Drivers of the Year

nrs healthcare cars

NRS Healthcare has recently announced the winners of our internal Driver of the Year competition, designed to ensure and encourage top notch driving skills and abilities amongst our delivery and collection drivers.

Alison Owen, Fleet Manager, tells us more: "Being a business dedicated to delivering important equipment on time to vulnerable people, our drivers play a critical role in our success. Over the past 18 months we have implemented a new assessment scheme to better support our drivers and ensure they have the highest level of driving skill and safety. Having excellent drivers with smart vans reflects on how the general public sees NRS Healthcare as a whole."

"The assessments culminated in 61 colleagues being entered into our first Driver of the Year competition. To be eligible to enter, these drivers had to have no fault accidents in the past 12 months, have maintained a gold standard on their driver assessments, and always keep their vans clean and presentable."

"Everyone who entered the competition has also been rewarded £100 each, with the 3 winners drawn out of a hat to win the gold, silver and bronze cash prizes. I would like to congratulate them on their efforts and ask them to keep up the good work!"

Safe+Well in Berkshire

New Showroom of Safe and Well in Berkshire

Safe+Well is now live in Berkshire, kicking off with a well attended open day in April. This is the third region to launch the service, which provides advice and information for self funders on purchasing daily living aids.

The Berkshire service centre in Theale has a large Safe+Well retail area where members of the public can come along to purchase products, or test them out in the ‘try before you buy’ demo area (pictured).

For more information on our Safe+Well Service, visit

Turning Over a New Page

new nrs healthcare catalogue 2015

The new NRS Healthcare catalogue has been launched with a brand new look! The catalogue promotes the product division's huge range offered for direct purchase by professional healthcare, trade and international customers.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are the main users of the catalogue, so the new design was largely based around their needs. OTs usually carry the catalogue around on visits to clients, so this year the number of pages was reduced to make it slimmer and lighter to carry – but still retaining as many great products.

Emma Glover, Marketing Communications Executive, comments “We have completely revamped the catalogue this year as a result of our research with OTs. It was fully deconstructed then put back together again to create a clinical and professional looking catalogue with excellent content."

Steve Kennedy, Commercial Director, said “I am thrilled with the new catalogue design and the response we've had so far. We have seen a large increase in orders in both the professional and trade channels and this will only continue as OTs and mobility dealers continue to use the catalogue through the coming year."