NRS Healthcare wins an award at the Silver Anniversary of Disability Awareness Day 2016

After making our debut appearance at the world-famous Disability Awareness Day (DAD) last weekend, we were thrilled when Founder and Chief Executive of Warrington Disability Partnership, Dave Thompson, presented us with an award for “Best Business Exhibitor”!

As we officially sponsored the event we also received an honorary award and certificate to thank us for our support, although in our minds those who deserved the real praise and gratitude were the dedicated volunteers and organisers who made the 25th Anniversary of Disability Awareness Day so incredible.

Over the course of the day, hundreds of people visited our 2 demonstration vans, many of whom had a genuine need for our products and services. The NRS Healthcare team took the time to advise them of their options whilst also providing them with a brochure to take away and browse through after the event.

Our Commercial Director, Steve Kennedy, was also filmed by local newspaper Warrington Worldwide. When asked why NRS Healthcare got involved in DAD as a business, Steve answered:

“Primarily, I met Dave and he inspired me to get involved in something which I think is very, very special. We at NRS Healthcare want to put something back into the community. We’re coming here for the very first time and we will be back again. The show is fantastic, with lots of people, lots of enthusiasm and lots of new friends being made.”

With this year being DAD’s silver anniversary, the team at Warrington Disability Partnership certainly pulled out all the stops to ensure a great time was had by all and Dave Thompson was thrilled to have our full support.

“Funding is always a struggle and sponsorship is getting harder to secure, which is why we’re thankful for organisations like NRS Healthcare for their financial support. 25 years is a huge milestone, one to celebrate and something to be truly proud of.”

We couldn’t agree more and would like to thank the team of people who gave up their time to represent NRS Healthcare so superbly throughout DAD, including Steve Gould, Nigel Johnson, Andrew Stevenson, Rachel Seabrook, Corrine Blood, Steve Kennedy, Albert Pickering, Matthew Spooner and Lexi Lomas.

NRS Healthcare awarded Google Certified Shops Badge

We’re very proud to announce that NRS Healthcare has recently been selected to join the Google Certified Shops program!

This means you’ll now find a Google Certified Shops badge on the NRS Healthcare website – an award which is only given to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. We’re thrilled to have been identified by Google as an online merchant that offers a great shopping experience.

Positive reviews pour in

Since receiving the badge, reviews of our service have been pouring in from customers far and wide giving us an excellent score of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars. Comments include:

  • “Extremely speedy delivery.”
  • “Helpful pre-purchase advice.”
  • “Top class service. Highly recommended.”
  • “Very good value for money”
  • “Easy site to use. Video clip of the product was excellent.”
Hard work pays off

Becoming part of the Google Certified Shops program also shows our team and our customers how much the NRS Healthcare website has grown over the last year or so.

“Being awarded a Google Certified Shops badge is not only a great mark of achievement for all the hard-working team members of NRS Healthcare, it also serves as a symbol of trust for our customers,” says our Head of Digital, Farhan Hussain. “This means anyone ordering from our website can be confident in the products we provide and know we deliver on our services, which upholds the sterling reputation of our company.”

NRS Healthcare’s fleet of vans awarded accreditation by Van Excellence

We’re thrilled to announce that, after a recent audit, our fleet of vans has been awarded with an accreditation by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) for Van Excellence!

This is superb news which has been achieved through the dedication of all our drivers and the exceptional hard work of our Fleet Manager Alison Owen who, since joining us in mid-2013, has put a series of assessment measures into place to closely document the efficiency of our vans and the skill set of our drivers.

Having already partnered with Drive Smarter to run a Driver Awareness Programme for each of our Fleet Team, we can now say that we are accredited Van Excellence operators. In fact, our recent audit report by the FTA states “There are no areas within the standards that require attention” and that “Robust systems have been demonstrated for all areas and meet the requirements of the Van Excellence audit.”

The Van Excellence initiative has been developed by the FTA to enhance the standards of van operator compliance, celebrate operators who demonstrate excellence and represent the interests of the van industry. We’re exceptionally proud to be a part of this scheme and endeavour to continue providing the very best service to our clients and customers.

Fleet insurance claims for NRS Healthcare reduced by more than half!

Since her appointment in mid-2013, our dedicated fleet manager Alison Owen has been working hard to ensure all NRS Healthcare driver technicians are made fully aware of their responsibilities on the road and the repercussions they face should their vehicle be deemed deficient in any way (such as defective tyres or missing brake lights).

In just over 18 months, Alison has brought in a number of key changes to the company’s fleet policy – the biggest of which has been introducing driver assessors at each of NRS Healthcare’s 21 depots through a partnership with Drive Smarter. Drivers that are rated ‘gold’ are assessed once a year, while those considered ‘silver’ are assessed twice a year and ‘bronze’ drivers are assessed every three months.

The changes to our fleet policy has resulted in NRS Healthcare’s insurers paying out substantially less – saving approximately £200,000 since 2013. When you consider our fleet has increased to 345 vans and 56 cars during that time, these figures become even more impressive.

Additionally, by the end of January we’ll have moved to become a 100% Mercedes-Benz fleet of vans, fitted with speed limiters (set at 70mph), telematics and reversing cameras. Telematics give our drivers in-vehicle feedback via a lightbar which goes from green to amber to red and beeps at them if they do any harsh manoeuvres which, again, improves driving performance.

The improvement in our fleet has been so vast, Alison has even been featured in the January edition of Fleet News – view the full article and discover why “Fleet is not something you can do part-time.”

A lovely Christmas surprise for NRS

A few weeks ago, as part of our Children in Need efforts, we donated a range of activity packs to 11 Special Needs schools within the Leicestershire area. Put together with the help of our Occupational Therapists, our Clinical Services Lead Rachel Seabrook explained the benefits behind the packs, saying:

“Playing games or completing activities together can help children learn from each other, share memories, and improve skills such as hand eye coordination. The activity packs aim to be inclusive for children of all ages and abilities.”

As you can imagine, the activity packs were gratefully received – especially by the schools who personally invited us to present the gifts at their dedicated Children in Need assemblies.

The children we met at these schools were nothing short of wonderful – full of courage and vigour – so we were thrilled when, last week, we received handmade cards from them, not only to say thank you for their gifts but also to wish everyone at NRS Healthcare a very Merry Christmas.

In addition, we’ve also received several photographs of the students learning together and having fun with their new equipment – something which pleases us greatly. We feel very privileged to have been able to make a difference to these exceptional schools and we wish everyone, staff and students alike, all the best for a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2016.