NRS Healthcare supporting UK and international charities

NRS Healthcare is a proud sponsor of the internationally acclaimed, user led charity, Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) and has recently donated a substantial £5000 towards the charity’s 26th annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) in Warrington. They are also sponsoring WDP's black tie dinner fundraising event on Friday 13th October.

WDP has over 24 years’ experience in developing and delivering mobility and independent living services to support disabled people and people living with long term health conditions.

NRS also works closely with WDP on ‘The Phoenix Project’, a collaboration with St. Mark Universal Copts Care. This charity aims to eradicate poverty in the Middle East, and The Phoenix Project aims to source recycled community equipment from the UK and send it to Egypt, where it is desperately needed.

NRS Healthcare's Commercial Director, Steve Kennedy, has been the driving force behind the company’s support for WDP and The Phoenix Project and commented: “We are proud to support these two fantastic charities in their vision to bring quality living aids to those in need overseas and in the UK, so they can enjoy a more confident and self-sufficient future.”

Steve was honoured to accept an award on behalf of NRS Healthcare from WDP's Founder, Dave Thompson MBE DL, thanking us for our support (pictured).

For more information visit the Warrington Disability Partnership website.

NRS Healthcare's Clinical Services is Growing

NRS Healthcare’s Clinical Services division began with one Occupational Therapist (OT) providing advice over the telephone to customers looking to purchase daily living aids. It is now a division in its own right, with a team of 14 OTs and 8 OT Assistants, 2 Assistive Technology Assessors and a Triage Officer, working at head office and across the country in our service centres to support both the Product Sales and Community Equipment Services divisions, as well as our local authority partners through bespoke projects.

We spoke to Rachel Seabrook who heads up this team, to find out more about what they are working on currently and how they are planning to grow in the future…

"At head office, we operate a telephone, email and online product advice service for professional and trade clients, as well as members of the public. In the last 12 months we’ve spoken to over 5000 customers, helping them choose the correct product to meet their needs. We carry out product training sessions with customer service and sales employees. We get involved in tendering for new contracts, product development, and ensure the product descriptions on iRIS are clinically accurate and relevant."

OTs and OTAs in our service centres undertake activities that form part of our contract with the local authority, so for example:

    Recalling products from care homes Running local Safe+Well services Training NRS staff and prescribers on equipment Managing ‘special’ equipment and encouraging use of recycled equipment instead – saving our local authority customers £10,000 per month on average.

We are also carrying out bespoke projects for local authorities. For example, in Buckinghamshire, we are helping them reduce their OT assessment waiting list. Our OTs and OTAs in Aylesbury, led by Linda Ellis, have carried out around 300 OT home assessments. They’ve received excellent feedback from service users and commissioners.

We have recently launched an Assistive Technology Assessment Service in Buckinghamshire, run by new OT Fiona Whitehouse. This sees us visiting people who require devices to live safely at home, assessing them, installing equipment such as panic alarms, location tracking devices, door sensors and so on. We’ve currently received over 460 referrals and had to increase the team rapidly to cope with the demand by recruiting a Triage Officer, Hannah McDowall, who now deals with the referrals as they come in.

A third project for Buckinghamshire is a review of ‘double handed care’ packages. We have assessed around 150 people who currently have two carers visit them at home to find out whether they could have this safely reduced to one carer by using different equipment, or shown better moving and handling techniques. So far, we’ve found around 40% of cases could use one carer instead of two. This reduction in care saves the council money and means better care for the service user, for example with one person focussed on talking to them (not their colleague) and using more comfortable moving and handling techniques.

Finally, a new project in Hull involves training 100 social workers as ‘trusted assessors’, so that they are able to prescribe basic community equipment such as grab rails and toileting equipment. This will enable the person to have their needs met in one visit without having to sit on a lengthy OT waiting list.

o, all in all, we’re really busy! We are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow the division, promote our services and increase our revenue. We hope that offering strong clinical services with proven results will help us to win more contracts, since local authorities are looking for more than just equipment deliveries these days."

NRS Healthcare receives internationally recognised Health and Safety accreditation

After a recent inspection of our depots and Head Office, we’re proud to announce that NRS Healthcare has been awarded the OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation – a truly international standard which sets out the requirements for occupational health and safety management good practice.

Approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), this accreditation confirms we have the policies, procedures and controls in place to achieve the best possible working conditions and workplace health and safety aligned to internationally recognised best practice.

There are many benefits that the OHSAS 18001 offers both our business and our customers. It enables us to:

1. Create the best possible working conditions across our organisation

2. Identify hazards and put in place controls to manage them

3. Reduce workplace accidents and illness to cut related costs and downtime

4. Engage and motivate staff with better, safer working conditions

5. Demonstrate compliance to customers and suppliers

We asked our Head of Health and Safety, Morag Cumming-Tandy, to explain the significance of NRS Healthcare being awarded with this prestigious accreditation:

“The introduction of an accredited Health & Safety Management system has enabled our teams at NRS to put in place structured management frameworks thus minimizing our operational risks, delivering optimum working conditions and meeting legal, industry and customer requirements.

It also ensures NRS Healthcare’s longevity, health and integrity through improving our corporate reputation and demonstrating our commitment to best practice.”

Please visit our Awards and Accreditations page for more information on our full range of achievements and recognitions.

NRS Healthcare Driver Technician Saves Service User's Life

Liam Richards, a Driver Technician from NRS Healthcare in Kent, was delivering to a service user called Jean one Friday morning earlier this year, when he heard her calling for help. Jean was recovering from a spell in hospital, and had fallen from her chair earlier in the day – unable to get up. Upon hearing her cries for help, Liam accessed the home to help Jean, finding her on the floor. He quickly realised he should not pick her up in case she had injured herself. He spoke to Jean to comfort her and called the ambulance. Liam made Jean more comfortable with a pillow, fetched a dressing gown to keep her warm and applied a cold compress to a wound she had sustained during the fall. He waited with her until the paramedics arrived and took her to hospital.

Jean’s granddaughter, Emily, wrote to the service centre to offer her praise and explain further that the situation was a lot more serious than it appeared at first: “My nan had only recently just come out of hospital. She had a fall and was unable to get herself up. If we’d been there first we would have just got her back into her chair. However, it turns out upon arrival at the hospital that she was suffering from Sepsis again and if Liam hadn’t have called the ambulance and got her to hospital, the outcome may have been very different. So in no uncertain terms this guy saved my nan’s life.”

We asked Liam what it felt like to save someone’s life: “I never for one moment thought my actions might save Mrs Ryan’s life – I just did what I believe any caring person would do. I’m really glad I went inside to help her. You never know what you’re going to come across in this job and thankfully, this was one of the rarer situations. I really hope Mrs Ryan recovers from her fall quickly and I’m sure she’ll be well looked after by her lovely family.”

Service Manager, Sharron Nevins, congratulated Liam on his actions: “Liam was a true professional and we are really proud of him. Most of the frontline staff go above and beyond their duties on a daily basis but this turned out to be very serious and life threatening, as it seems the service user may have died if he hadn’t taken that course of action.”

NRS begins new Community Equipment contract Berkshire wide

NRS Healthcare started its new contract today with West Berkshire Council to deliver Community Equipment Services Berkshire wide. The contract, run by NRS since 2012 was retendered in 2016, with NRS announced as winner in October 2016.

The new contract is for 5 years with a potential 2 year extension