Fleet insurance claims for NRS Healthcare reduced by more than half!

Since her appointment in mid-2013, our dedicated fleet manager Alison Owen has been working hard to ensure all NRS Healthcare driver technicians are made fully aware of their responsibilities on the road and the repercussions they face should their vehicle be deemed deficient in any way (such as defective tyres or missing brake lights).

In just over 18 months, Alison has brought in a number of key changes to the company’s fleet policy – the biggest of which has been introducing driver assessors at each of NRS Healthcare’s 21 depots through a partnership with Drive Smarter. Drivers that are rated ‘gold’ are assessed once a year, while those considered ‘silver’ are assessed twice a year and ‘bronze’ drivers are assessed every three months.

The changes to our fleet policy has resulted in NRS Healthcare’s insurers paying out substantially less – saving approximately £200,000 since 2013. When you consider our fleet has increased to 345 vans and 56 cars during that time, these figures become even more impressive.

Additionally, by the end of January we’ll have moved to become a 100% Mercedes-Benz fleet of vans, fitted with speed limiters (set at 70mph), telematics and reversing cameras. Telematics give our drivers in-vehicle feedback via a lightbar which goes from green to amber to red and beeps at them if they do any harsh manoeuvres which, again, improves driving performance.

The improvement in our fleet has been so vast, Alison has even been featured in the January edition of Fleet News – view the full article and discover why “Fleet is not something you can do part-time.”