Introducing our new CEO

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the appointment of Jerry Benson as the new Chief Executive Officer of NRS Healthcare.

Jerry comes to us from Allied Healthcare, where he was responsible for delivering domiciliary care to 22,000 people across the UK through a team of 12,000 carers. Jerry was also responsible for Allied’s frontline clinical services, including GP out of hours, Urgent Care Centres and GP drop-in centres. Prior to Allied, Jerry worked in Serco, where he ran a range of businesses including the Education business and Serco’s private sector BPO business.

One of the key aspects which drew Jerry to join NRS Healthcare was the fact that, as a business, not only do we supply high quality equipment to those who need help living independently, we also have a qualified team of professional Occupational Therapists (OT’s) in-house to offer advice and information online and over the phone. This gives us added value over our competitors as we can ensure our customers receive the most reliable and appropriate product for their needs.

Additionally, our knowledgeable OT’s provide us with an expert-to-expert channel when communicating with Local Authorities and Trusts which has helped us succeed as a market-leading provider of community equipment services and rehabilitation and care equipment. Most recently, NRS Healthcare has been awarded some truly celebrated contracts including the opportunity to deliver a new, person-centred community equipment service in Kent – one of the most densely populated counties in England.

Delivering integrated, person-centred care is integral to Jerry’s beliefs and is an ethos which is reinforced throughout the whole of NRS Healthcare.

“The individual requiring extra help in their daily activities should be at the centre of everything we do and I strongly believe that operating on a community of care basis is the best way to serve their needs. This means working in partnership with agencies and other private sector providers to ensure patients and customers are cared for in the most holistic way, receiving the best products and services to help them continue living independently.”

We’re thrilled to have Jerry on board and look forward to working with him to fulfil the future vision of NRS Healthcare.