NRS Healthcare exceeds targets in Brighton & Hove

NRS Healthcare has provided the Community Equipment Service for Brighton & Hove since October 2015, and recent reports have confirmed the company are exceeding their targets, which is great news for the commissioning organisations and service users alike.

A recent report by Healthwatch, the independent consumer champion for health and social care, confirms that NRS Healthcare has made a multitude of achievements since taking over the service, which provided under contract for Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The key findings of the report were that:

- NRS continue to provide an excellent service with 99% of deliveries and 99.9% of collections made on time

- NRS has exceeded their target of reducing the amount of same day deliveries to 15% by introducing a less costly next day delivery option, resulting in a 7% overall reduction of delivery costs

- Less than 1% of ‘Delayed Transfers of Care’ (unnecessary hospital stays) were due to community equipment and adaptations

NRS regularly survey their service users in each area in which they operate, and a recent telephone survey carried out in Brighton and Hove asked residents who had used the service at least once, how satisfied they were that the service had met their needs. The research results showed that:

- Over 94% of people said they were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘totally satisfied’ with the service

- 83% of people said their equipment had been delivered and installed without any problems (14% of people had only had ‘minor’ problems which were quickly rectified)

- 97% of people said the equipment had improved their quality of life

Additionally, NRS Healthcare has received over 70 complimentary messages of feedback about the standards of service they had provided.

David Straughan, Managing Director for NRS Healthcare’s equipment services division, is delighted with the report and research outcomes:

“At NRS Healthcare, we are committed to ensuring we provide the best service for our commissioners and service users, focussing on both cost efficiencies but also service standards. Moving forward, there is still work to be done and we will be working closely with Brighton and Hove and the CCG to further improve our collection rates.

We now have an in-house occupational therapist and nurse supporting the service, who are reviewing equipment on loan and arranging retrieval if it is no longer needed by the service user.

In addition to the equipment service, we are supporting local Brighton and Hove residents with our recently launched Safe+Well service, designed to support people who do not meet the eligibility criteria for equipment on loan, or who want to buy their own equipment and keep it. Customers can complete a free, online or telephone assessment, or pay for an assessment from our occupational therapist if required. Safe+Well can help them select the right products and point them to trusted local suppliers where they can make a purchase.

We are delighted that the service is running well and thank our local team based at the Hove service centre for their hard work and dedication.”

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