NRS Healthcare is delighted to announce its new online store, Healthcare Pro, has today been launched.

Previously also named NRS Healthcare, this new name and website reflects the online business as it is today and sums up its commitment to healthcare, in-house occupational therapy capabilities and professional expertise in helping people live independently in their own homes.

Healthcare Pro was a natural choice for the name, and the website features can offer a new and improved online experience, a ‘shop where the professionals shop’, with easy access to product advice, support and new services.

The new name also prevents confusion with other areas of the business including Integrated Community Equipment Services, Telecare and Clinical Services, but is still very much a part of the NRS Healthcare family.

The online business is a market-leader and award-winning provider of products and services designed to support independent living.

It has a comprehensive range of more than 3,500 daily living and disability aids which have been carefully developed over many years and selected in conjunction with its award-winning Products Development team and in-house Occupational Therapy team to ensure products are good quality and suited for their purpose.

For more information or to take a look at the new site, visit