Our latest Technology Enabled Care case study

Digital dashboard helps Mrs A significantly reduce hospital admissions

The situation

Mrs A is in her 60’s, lives with her husband and suffers from asthma and diabetes. Her condition varies in severity and can be difficult to control. During 2019, by November, Mrs A had over 100 days of non-elective hospital admissions including 8 admissions within a 12-week period. Her clinical management is led locally by Community Matrons the Specialist Respiratory Nurse, Heart and Lung Department. These teams regularly review Mrs A’s condition in hospital and home visits and via telephone when Mrs A has increased symptoms.

NRS was asked to consider Mrs A with a view to whether a digital TEC solution would help her better self-manage her condition and reduce the need for hospital visits.

The solution

NRS identified a combination of a Cascade 3d digital Connected Care system with a Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter, Blood Glucose Monitor and Alexa Show to support Mrs A. Following installation in January 2020, Mrs A and the Community Matron were shown how to operate the devices and coached in interpreting the results given on a dashboard.

Mrs A can now manage her own health by regularly testing her oxygen saturations and blood sugar levels, creating a dashboard of results during the day. Mrs A can contact the nurses if her readings are out of the norm or symptoms are exasperated. the Community Matron can then video triage with a quick view of the readings remotely. The system can also alert if the readings are out.

Having an Amazon Alexa Show included with the Cascade3d enabled direct communication between the nursing team and Mrs A.

The Trust team went one step further and set up what they now call “The Alexa Room”, a private dedicated room for consultations, demos and training in how to use the device for both the staff and patients.

The outcome

When gathering Mrs A’s data after four months of using the technology, the team were not prepared for the immediate and impactful results when comparing the data to the previous four months. The results were dramatic – her days in hospital fell from 43 to just three.

Mrs A has also confirmed that since commencing with Cascade3d, her anxiety levels have reduced and she felt a sense of control over her condition.

The Community Matron can now, at the touch of a button, see and talk with Mrs A to provide advice and support without the need for a physical visit. Using the Alexa Show also means the Community Matron can actively watch inhaler techniques and understand the wider aspects of Mrs A’s care at any time.

Cascade3d has saved time for the Community Matrons by prioritising focus on helping when there is real time data to show a need or potential issue. This, combined with the reduced need for home visits, eliminated hospital visits (saving approximately £13,000 over the first 4 months) and reduction in Mrs A’s anxiety has led the team to look at other similar potential uses and cases where the Cascade dashboard can be used.

So far 40 other patients have had variations of the same solution installed. And the use of the Alexa Show has enabled greater support as people are connected via video to family and even taught how to online shop. It has allowed other social care practitioners to support and carry out wellbeing checks which would otherwise not have happened.

The success of this has come down to the hard work of the matrons who quickly saw the benefit and committed to trialling the equipment, and other dedicated members of the NRS and Trust team.

Find wheelchair accessible places with Google Maps

For the 130 million wheelchair users in the world, 1.2 million of whom live in the UK, one of the universal challenges is accessing locations.

A new feature on Google Maps allows wheelchair users to discover accessibility information for over 15 million places before they leave home. The feature will also show whether a location has accessible bathrooms, parking, and seating.

People can now turn on an “Accessible Places” feature to have wheelchair accessibility information more predominately displayed in Google Maps.

You can watch a short video here for further information about Accessible Places and how to switch it on in Google Maps.

Successful contract start in West Sussex during COVID-19

NRS is delighted to announce the successful ‘go live’ of our new Technology Enabled Care contract for West Sussex County Council and NHS.

The contract started on Tuesday 19th May with new referrals being received on day one. Having been awarded the contract in late February, the implementation was delivered during the COVID-19 lockdown period, presenting a number of new challenges for the teams.

Sue Tivey, Senior Contracts Officer for Directorate of Adults and Health Services in West Sussex County Council said:

“I have been pleased and impressed by NRS Healthcare’s implementation of the West Sussex Technology Enabled Care (TEC) contract. The NRS Healthcare team have worked closely with the teams in West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the NHS to deliver an effective and smooth implementation. As the implementation was delivered through the period of the COVID-19 crisis it is even more impressive.

NRS Healthcare has worked flexibly with us to adapt both the process of implementation, and the contract to fit these difficult circumstances whilst still delivering to our needs. They have demonstrated strong planning, communication and the ability to address the unforeseen and changing circumstances as they have arisen. Their ability to work with WSCC and the NHS, and use their experience of TEC to co-create with us solutions to these issues has helped us deliver the new contract on time even with all the challenges COVID-19 has presented. I am delighted that this new contract has now gone live on time and to plan and am looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with the team to deliver all our expectations for this ambitious new contract.”

The new TEC contract for West Sussex, covering up to 7 years, will involve a full service from NRS. This will include acting as a Development Partner for WSCC and NHS to develop new technology offerings; a ‘Technology First’ cultural change programme; Benefits Tracking to show the savings and other benefits TEC is delivering; as well as a clinically led full triage, assessment, delivery, monitoring and response service for all funded TEC users across the County. NRS will also offer options for those purchasing their own TEC. The contract will be ‘Digital from Day One’ focusing on only providing digital TEC equipment. This will put West Sussex in a strong position for the Digital Switchover, and enable a range of innovations in providing new and improved support for users.

The TEC contract is in addition to NRS Healthcare’s existing contract with WSCC and the local NHS, providing Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES).

It also adds to NRS’ full service TEC contracts already being delivered for North Yorkshire County Council, Buckinghamshire County Council, West Berkshire Council and Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Combined with other TEC services provided for Lincolnshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Herefordshire Council, Powys County Council and Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough City Council, the new West Sussex TEC contract adds to NRS’ leading position in this dynamic and innovative sector.

Leading Community Equipment providers work together to support NHS and Local Authorities

To help maximise the benefit of our joint experiences the leading Community Equipment Services companies in the UK and The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) have agreed to work together to support local authorities and the NHS during this current crisis.

Working together to pool our expertise will support continuity of supply of essential equipment and continued service delivery to people in their homes, supporting Local Authorities and the NHS to reduce demand on hospital beds.

To read a full press release please see here.

Partnership working celebrated in Torbay

Our Torbay TECS team were presented with an award last week by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to celebrate their partnership working.

Mick Handley one of the TECS Engineers based at our Paignton Service Centre was presented with the award on Thursday at an event attended by people and groups who work closely with the Service.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service said they were “delighted to be able to celebrate the success of the partnership with NRS Healthcare”.

The partnership between Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service has been flourishing for over a year.

Our local Service and Transformation Manager, Jayne Youdan, thought that the free home safety checks offered by the Service, complimented the Technology Enabled Care service we offer, so contacted the to see how we could work together.

Each of the Driver Technicians received training about the things to look for when in a clients home, how to approach the matter with the them and about gaining consent for their details to be passed forwards. The Fire Service arranged for each Driver Technician to attend a home visit to help understand the synergy between the two services.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service have helped some of the people referred into them by our Technicians with the fitting of smoke alarms, helping to decommission old and unsuitable heating and give advice on things such as hoarding.

We believe that our combined working helps people to live at home, independently for longer in a safer environment.

The Fire Service returned the favour this summer when they helped to judge a colouring competition run across several schools in the area, and offered a day at the Fire Station for the winners.