Integrated Community Equipment Services

Each ICES is tailored to the bespoke needs of the Commissioner and their local population. Although bespoke, all services are delivered with the same core aim and objective – to enable people to live full, active, and independent lives for as long as possible.

Our Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) approach

We purchase quality appropriate equipment at the lowest lifetime costs available in the market

We safely store that equipment in modern purpose designed warehousing which maximises efficiency

When a clinical need is identified, we deliver the equipment to the service user at the required time and help them understand how to use it safely

We repair, service, and maintain the equipment to ensure it remains safe in the community

When equipment is no longer needed we promptly collect, clean, repair, and store to ensure quick availability and access for the next service user

Maximising impact

To successfully deliver against priorities including efficiency, high-quality, and low cost, we invest in better technology, streamline our processes and embed a shared culture. What differentiates NRS is we have an in-depth understanding of ICES’ role in the wider health and social care system.


Investing in our clinical approach ensures we:

  • Have a greater understanding of service users’ needs and how we can deliver services to improve their quality of life
  • Delay, reduce or prevent the need for more expensive interventions; reducing pressure on health and social care services and budgets
  • Support reductions in hospital and care home admissions. This enables service users to live more independently for longer and reduces costs to commissioners
  • Speed up hospital discharge, helping people to return home sooner and regain their independence sooner.
  • Have a greater understanding of carers and family members roles. We help you best support them in their caring role; preventing declines in their health or wellbeing

As commissioners join up services across health and social care through integrated care approaches, NRS is well placed to support you. We already provide a range of services in single contracts including ICES, technology enabled care, wheelchairs, OT assessments, continence services, adaptations etc. This helps align with integrated customer services, reduces costs, and provides a more holistic service to service users.


Have an ongoing commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement. This means our service will continually evolve in line with commissioner and service user needs; incorporating new equipment and ways of working, proven to deliver the most impact.