Blue Badge Services

Blue Badge Services

We are able to provide a fully managed service for Blue Badges including:

  • Triage of initial applications
  • Booking mobility clinic appointments
  • Assessment of applicants by experienced and qualified Therapists
  • Processing paperwork and documentation
  • Management of the appeals process


NRS deliver the Blue Badge Scheme on the Isle of Wight. This helps those with severe mobility problems, who have difficulty using public transport, to park close to where they need to go. The Occupational Therapy Service managed by NRS Healthcare, provides face to face mobility assessments for some people who require a more detailed mobility assessment, and we carry out approximately 800 assessments a year.

The assessments are carried out at the Independent Living Centre in Newport where there is an indoor and outdoor area for applicants to walk around which forms part of the assessment process. An assessment considers whether or not the applicant can walk only with great difficulty, and at an extremely slow pace or with excessive pain, and that their condition is permanent.

Requests for assessments are sent to NRS Healthcare weekly from the Blue Badge Administration Team at the County Council and we then manage the appointment system, book in and undertake the assessments and then forward recommendations following the assessments, back to the County Council Team on a weekly basis.

NRS Healthcare also manages the Island’s Blue Badge Appeal scheme which is a formal service required under the Department for Transport guidelines where applicants wish to appeal the decision to not issue them a badge.