Business Continuity & Risk

NRS Healthcare as one of the largest providers in the UK of aids to daily living and outsourced integrated community equipment services to the commercial and public sector has a responsibility to maintain essential services in times of disaster.

Our values include a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in delivery in order to exceed customers’ expectations and the health, safety and welfare of our staff. An integral part of this is the mitigation and management of all risk.

Where risk cannot be eliminated and a threat to NRS assets, employees, production or the environment in which we operate materialises, NRS has in place a Business Continuity Plan. Our plan minimises disruption and ensures the earliest resumption of business with least inconvenience to customers and service users.

Risk assessment is the key to formulating a picture of the overall vulnerabilities to each operation. Risks are assessed in each of the key businesses areas and compiled to produce a risk profile. The principal risks identified by the risk profile are addressed in our Business Continuity Plan.

We periodically test our plan in a simulated environment to ensure that it can be implemented in emergency situations and that the management and staff understand how it is to be executed.

All staff are aware of the plan and their own respective roles.

Overall responsibility for this policy rests with the NRS Healthcare Board of Directors.