Strong Training delivers Excellence

NRS Healthcare knows that through effective competency based training and personal development processes for our teams we deliver huge benefits to all stakeholders (particularly for Prescribers and Service Users) as well as for the staff themselves.

By raising levels of competency NRS Healthcare provides continued excellence in service delivery to the community.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right role at the right time thereby supporting the achievement of Commissioners’ goals, organisational objectives, the staff themselves and our Service Users.  Our approach is built around four training cornerstones:

  • Continuously developing our team members
  • Managing and improving employee competence
  • Valuing individuals and their contribution
  • Recruiting and retaining the best employees

We consider a Talent Management approach aligned to our Business Strategy and Workforce planning as a priority and give our team a very clear understanding of what is expected of NRS Healthcare in the delivery of the services we provide, its constituent teams and the individuals themselves.

Dedicated Training Team

We have a dedicated Training Team that has responsibility for driving our Talent Management process ensuring:

  • All new staff have an effective and thorough induction programme, covering all mandatory legislative requirements and an overview of the company
  • We achieve a rapid alignment of our workforce capability and development strategy to meet the objectives of each contract
  • We develop the best training solution for each contract by establishing performance standards that need to be attained
  • Effective individual development programmes are put in place with mentoring and a learning support network
  • We provide a series of different training events, tailored to roles and responsibilities reflecting best practice identified over our growing portfolio of contracts.