Equality & Diversity

We have a well established Equality and Diversity policy that is founded on recognising individual as well as group differences, treating people as individuals and placing positive value on diversity in the community and in the workforce. We ensure:

  • All our employees undertake Equality and Diversity Training
  • Our recruitment and personal development policies maintain equal opportunity for all candidates and employees. Applications are encouraged from all parts of the local community, whilst not excluding wider applications
  • All employees have a formal annual Performance Development Review to monitor and address skill gaps and training needs in an open dialogue format.

Our policies

  • We have a comprehensive employee Handbook and a suite of clearly communicated policies including Equality & Diversity Policy, Recruitment Policy and Dignity at Work Policy
  • All our policies clearly state that it is the responsibility of NRS management to ensure our policies are fairly and consistently applied to all employees
  • We review our policies through the NRS Board and the Employee Communications & Consultation Group
  • We are proud of our family friendly policies and ensure that we manage pregnancy, maternity and child care matters in line with current legislation
  • Our sickness policies and capability policies enable NRS to deal with ill health issues sensitively
  • In our Dress Code and Appearance Policy we recognise the diversity of cultures and religions and we take a sensitive approach when this affects dress and uniform requirements
  • NRS provide the “SpeakUp” service which gives employees the option of raising equality or discrimination concerns anonymously.