IT Systems

To deliver the ICES service, NRS Healthcare has developed the industry’s leading bespoke Business Management and online ordering system known as iCON / iRIS4.

Intuitive and easy to use, Prescribers and Clinicians  use this system to order their requirements and manage their caseload whilst NRS Healthcare uses the system to automate and efficiently deliver the service.

All products are bar-coded and this, combined with unique item serial numbers linked to manufacturers’ information, reduces time and provides full product history and traceability.

Our IT systems deliver whole life costing information which combined with a full suite of management information reports available on demand online and through the team of dedicated commercial data analysts enables Commissioners to actively forecast demand, manage trends and maximise the benefit achievable from static or shrinking budgets.

NRS Healthcare has built the IT infrastructure with resilience and scalability in mind. Our current internet connection is provided by two separate providers (with physically separate telephone exchanges) and firewalls with built-in auto failover. All in-bound and out-bound traffic is load-balanced across the two links, with priority given to in-bound traffic to ensure rapid servicing of prescriber based web requests.

We utilise network monitoring software to ensure that capacity is always there to deal with elevated traffic.

Our database is based on industry standard Microsoft SQL server 2005, across two HP Proliant DL580 servers, each with 4 quad core processors and 8gb RAM. They have been sized and future-proofed so that we can handle any new contracts (scaleable like the internet connection).

The iRIS4 and iCON applications are based on a virtual network (using VMWare) consisting of six HP Proliant DL380 servers, each with 2 quad core processors and 36gb RAM.

All of our customer facing websites are encrypted using industry standard SSL3 certificates, using a 2048bit encryption algorithm.