Collection & Delivery

Delivering and pro-actively collecting equipment is at the heart of our business; we perform over half a million such activities each year, 97% of which were on time last year.

To achieve this success, we have in place detailed process flows, work instructions, sharing of best practice and training as part of our ISO 9001:2008 certificated controls.

We realise clients receiving deliveries or collections from us are no longer likely to be at home all day, so to improve the customer experience and to minimise the incidence of failed activities, we offer timed delivery slots to our customers who express a preference.

This flexibility in service is based on defined zones and delivery  routes, linked to the way we use postcodes to schedule deliveries and the knowledge of our locally based team of driver technicians.  We also use advanced route scheduling software and vehicle tracking, both to improve the efficiency of the service and to reduce our carbon footprint. These systems enable us to react very quickly in cases of emergency.

All drivers receive customer service training, disability awareness training and safeguarding training and are DBS checked to enhanced level.   All of our drivers wear a uniform and carry an identity badge. Many driver technicians are now trained trusted assessors.

Our vehicle fleet is modern, fuel efficient and is discreet yet recognisable.