At NRS Healthcare we recognise our people are our strength.

To meet the long term future needs of service delivery through the capability of our people; we are committed to ensuring that we have a high quality workforce with the right people at the right time with the right skills.

Our overarching workforce strategy is made up of the following:

  • HR collaborative approach with managers, regularly reviewing current and future workforce needs both on a local and company level.  (Decisions are influenced by both operational needs and budgetary constraints)
  • We focus on recruiting the right people and retaining them
  • We engage with our staff and customers and ensure all views are represented
  • We understand the importance of good leaders; we have leadership development plans that involve training, coaching and ongoing support
  • We identify skills gaps and train and develop our people to align with the organisation’s goals
  • We manage performance so that we have productive workforce; our people understand how their role influences their department/team and ultimately overall company performance
  • We have in place formal succession planning.

NRS Healthcare aims to:

  • Help our people to grow, develop, improve, succeed and contribute to NRS
  • Link individual behaviour with NRS goals, plans and values
  • Promote ongoing and regular dialogue between staff and their line manager about performance and development
  • Document individuals strengths, accomplishments, contributions and successes as well as areas that need improvement.

In 2012 we involved people from all areas of the business to help to identify what good performance management should be, and, what won’t work for NRS Healthcare. Our people were major contributors to the development of a ‘behaviour framework’ which is a way to identify what great behaviour looks like and what behaviour stops us delivering a great service.