Customer Care

At NRS Healthcare we have experience and capability to deliver excellence in customer care and recognise the importance of engaging with all people who use the service; ensuring the solutions we provide meet the changing needs of all stakeholders.

We recognise the economic, demographic and legislative challenges that Commissioners face in their day to day work and we understand that all partners within the health economy have a part to play in the development of a health infrastructure that supports truly integrated, cost effective, high quality, patient centred care.

We aim to provide truly effective and efficient services centred on the individual and are committed to our Customer Charter:

  • Every Service User will be treated with courtesy, dignity, respect and fairness
  • Every Service User will be treated with equality, irrespective of their race, gender, disability age, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation
  • Every Service User will be listened to, and communicated with in a way which is clear and understandable
  • Every Service User will be provided with accurate and accessible information about the service they receive
  • Every Service User can expect their quality of life to improve to some degree as a result of receiving the Service