Safe+Well™ Service

What is Safe+Well?

Safe+Well™ is a service designed to support people who may no longer be eligible to have their needs met by the statutory sector or who choose to meet their own needs. NRS work in partnership with the local authorities to provide:
  • A reliable and trustworthy service to signpost people to for local advice and information on how daily living aids and telecare can support their independence
  • A range of professional assessment options to help people identify what daily living aids would make life easier for them at home
  • A range of accredited retail options – online / telephone / catalogue / local retailers where people can buy good quality daily living aids from trained staff.

Why provide Safe+Well™ in your local area?

Safe+Well™ is a service which has developed in response to the changing climate of Health and Social Care. In particular:
  • Care Act 2014 - The new Act gives a duty to local authorities to signpost to reliable sources of advice, information and guidance. Research shows that at least one in three women and one in five men reported having unmet needs for some activities of daily living. With national eligibility thresholds set to change there are likely to be many more people who will no longer have their needs met by the statutory sector but who may be able to meet some of these needs through inexpensive daily living aids.
  • Demographics - Population increases in the number of people over 65 years in the UK are expected to result in a 60% rise in the number of people with care needs over the next 20 years. This places extra demand on the statutory sector with no increase in resources. In the last census (2011) 29% of people over 65 years old stated that they were limited "a little" and 28% reported they were limited "a lot" in their activities of daily living.
  • Personalisation - Safe+Well™ provides information and choice for people on how and where to buy their daily living aids and putting them in control.
  • Prevention - Encouraging the use of small, often inexpensive daily living aids can prevent falls and other accidents. Keeping people at home and independent for as long as possible can also preventing the early use of statutory services, allowing them to focus on people with more complex needs.

How does Safe+Well™ help people to choose the right daily living aids?

We know that without good advice and information people can make poor decisions about which daily living aid to buy and waste money. Safe+Well™ aims to give people a range of options with which to make an informed decision about the appropriate daily living aids for them and let them know where they can purchase them from. People can choose from:
  • FREE Online questionnaire - answer quick and easy questions and receive a report showing which daily living aids may help
  • FREE telephone advice line run by qualified Occupational Therapists (OT's)
  • FREE local places to "try before you buy"
  • FREE advice on telecare options - both stand alone and monitored
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) home visit - an NRS OT will carry a full home visit and complete a written report.
If you're interested in finding more about Safe+Well™ please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Safe+Well website