NRS Healthcare has evolved over the past 67 years to become the largest provider of community based equipment services in the UK with five main business operations:

  • ICES Division: operating Community Equipment Loan Stores to 14 regional contracts
  • Wheelchair Services: providing Wheelchair Repair “Approved Repair” services to 13 NHS Trusts
  • Product Division: a leading distributor and manufacturer of Assistive Technology products to aid independence in the home
  • Service and Maintenance: providing preventative maintenance contracts and on-call repair services
  • Clinical Services:innovative services to assist local authorities meet the challenges of providing equipment for all levels of need in a climate of increasing demand but reducing resources.

We are working together with a range of strategic partners to link our respective businesses into an integrated model, to create a single community-based support system focused on health and wellbeing.

The integration of separate services including housing, community equipment, major and minor adaptations, domiciliary care and assistive technology (telecare & telehealth) and requires a huge cultural and transformational change for services across the whole of local government and the wider public sector.

What issues are we trying to help tackle?

  • Cost pressures on the service and the specific requirement to find savings
  • A feeling amongst many service users that the services can feel disjointed at times given the high number of individual interventions
  • The need to support greater involvement of the NHS , who are often the financial beneficiaries of successful Social care practice
  • The recognition that Service users and families will be managing their own budgets more in the future and therefore will need better access to support and advice

What approach are we taking?

  • To simplify the process and reduce the number of individual pathways
  • To get providers to join up their services around the service user
  • To work as strategic partners to the Council