Our History since 1947

In its 69 year history, NRS Healthcare has grown from a local manufacturer of leather goods into a national product and service provider incorporating four divisions: Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES), Wheelchair Services, Service & Maintenance and Product.

On the way, NRS Healthcare has helped to shape the landscape in terms of product innovation and service development, in an increasingly demanding world as the population ages.

The story begins in a workshop in Nottingham in 1947...

1947: The Nottingham Handcraft Company was created.

1950 and 1960’s: The Company continued to supply craft products.

1969: Nottingham Handcraft was acquired by Coats Paton Limited. For the following twenty years (1970’s and 80’s) the company operated as two separate businesses until Nottingham Rehab Limited was formed in 1986 when Nottingham Handcraft and Nottingham Medical Aids merged. This operated as a subsidiary of the Nottingham Group Limited.

1989: Management buyout of Nottingham Group from Coats Viyella.

1997: Nottingham Group merged with Phillip Harris forming Novara Plc.

2001: The Group was purchased by Fine Art Developments Plc becoming Findel Plc.

2004: Nottingham Rehab Supplies started trading as Nottingham Rehab Limited.

2006:Nottingham Rehab Limited acquired Synergy Managed Equipment Services. Synergy Managed Equipment Services provided NRS with a fully managed maintenance, repair service for wheelchair products and support service to the healthcare market. The service was renamed as NRS Mobility Care Ltd.

2012: NRS Mobility Care, NRS National Care and NRS Primary Care were renamed as NRS Healthcare.

April 2013: Management acquire the business from Findel plc, backed by Lloyds Development Capital (LDC) securing funding for future growth and development.

November 2014: NRS Healthcare announces partnership with Age UK Trading Ltd (the commercial arm of the Age UK Group) in the supply of daily living aids to www.ageukmobilityaids.co.uk